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Get to know us

Who are we?

We are a French web design agency founded 12 years ago, in Singapore.

We are a multicultural, cohesive and passionate team of five, we design, develop and maintain WordPress websites.

Meet the team

Who are our clients?

Our clients come from a variety of sectors. They are mostly based in Singapore, France or Switzerland.

Here is a list of sectors we have experience with:

  • Asset managers and family offices
  • Private banking
  • Law firms
  • Tech
  • Consulting 
  • Start-ups
  • Healthcare
  • Interior design
  • Insurance
  • Business associations and chambers of commerce
  • Coaching
  • Retail and e-commerce
  • Food and beverage 
  • IT services 
  • Education
  • as well as Yoga, theatre, photography, sports, insurance, interior design, NGOs, etc.

Learn more about our clients: visit our portfolio.

What makes us different?

Our size makes us quite unique, we are a small team that has been working together for many years. We are not freelancers. We started 12 years ago, many of our current clients have been working with us since the beginning.

Our approach is different from other web design agencies. We build long-lasting relationships with our clients so that we become part of their team. We tailor our approach and services to the evolution of their needs.

We do not focus on a size or type of project or client. We like to work with different people, different sectors and different projects!

Our Services

What do we do?

We create websites which require a wide range of expertise!

Our days are filled with UI/UX design, coding, logo design, SEO, WordPress blast, clients brainstorming and meetings, digital marketing challenges, training clients, website maintenance, and client support!

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What kind of websites do we do?

From simple brochure websites to challenging technical API-based projects, we are able to design and develop them all. 

We work with WordPress because it is versatile, stable and search engine friendly. It is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world.

Over the past 12 years, we have built many websites such as:

  • Brochure website for corporates such as consulting firms, asset managers, private banks, lawyers, family offices etc.
  • Multilingual websites
  • E-commerce for Retailers
  • Portfolio website for photographers, artists, interior designers, private villas
  • Membership website for business associations or not-for-profit associations
  • Landing pages for festivals, products
  • Private website for healthcare
  • Etc

We have integrated websites with third-party softwares for login, emailing, accounting, and logistics.

We do not prefer one type of website over another. We like the variety!

Have a look at our portfolio!

How long does it take to get a website ready?

We are able to deliver projects within a short timeframe if requested. The average time to complete a project is somewhere between 2 weeks and 3 months.

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What does a website design process involve?

Here is a list of the main steps for a website project:

  • Project brief: brand/creative brief, target audience, objectives, technical specs, deadlines and budget
  • Content architecture, sitemap, user journey
  • Research and design work
  • Mockup
  • Web development and content integration
  • Revisions and adjustments
  • Testing, speed and security optimization

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What happens after the launch?

We continue taking care of you and your website! We offer website care programs for all websites we have designed.

It works as a technical warranty and covers the below:

  • WordPress core upgrades, theme and plugins upgrades
  • Post upgrades testing 
  • Technical support and bug fixes throughout the year
  • Database cleaning and optimization.
  • Backups, Uptime Monitoring, Security Monitoring and Malware Cleanup
  • Hosting & domain technical support
  • Google Analytics dashboard
  • Support, insights and tips

The cost depends on your website and how much support you need!

Do you design logos?

Yes, we do some brand projects and design logos. Have a look at some branding project references.

What the hell is SEO?

SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation is everything we can do to increase the chance for people “googling” to see your website on their search result page.

That is super simple and super complicated at the same time. It is mostly linked to the content you put on your website vs the words that people search on Google vs the other websites.

SEO is also a million super-secret ranking factors in Google’s super-secret algorithm.

An SEO strategy includes:

  • Study your target audience(s) (what are their search intends, keywords)
  • Keywords study (traffic volume, traffic quality, competition)
  • Key competitors study (what do they do better than you in terms of SEO)
  • Selection of keywords and longtail keywords
  • The content strategy associated with those keywords (architecture of the website, landing pages, internal linking, blog posts, etc.)
  • Relevant backlinks

We promise we explain everything once we talk, please contact us and tell us about your project!


How much does a website cost?

The simplest are in the 7-15k range, the most extensive in the 50-75k range.

Our fees are affordable and sustainable to guarantee the quality of our work and the survival/subsistence/solidity of our company.

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We are curious people!

Having a new project you want to take about? Contact us so we can arrange a video call or a meeting to discuss your projects!