The FICOFI project explained

One of the most exciting projects of the covid time! FICOFI is a very private and confidential wine club that targets the crème de la crème of wine lovers. They came to us as they were struggling with the content management of both their brochure website and their members’ private website. Both platforms were built with custom coding and no user-friendly backend.



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WordPress was a perfect solution for them. We started by designing the brochure website which is in 4 languages including simplified and traditional Chinese! It was a real pleasure to work with a team of passionate people. We came up with ideas they liked and it was a smooth delivery.

The members’ website was a totally new story

The members’ website was a totally new story and had multiple challenges including content architecture, multilingual integration, security, and member log-in with API integration. We first started with a few brainstorming sessions and a survey to gain clarity on the target audience and better understand what was expected from the “online version” of the club. Of course, Covid took it to a totally new level! After more than 6 months of hard work, we gave birth to an amazing website in which members could not only manage their cellar online but could also access an extremely dense library of unique wine resources, a directory of the finest restaurants in the world as well as a lifestyle section in which they can learn about the latest trends whether from the wine industry or from the luxury world.

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