Elephant Group Singapore revamping story

We are excited to present the new website of Elephant, which was just born in early 2022. This revamp was pretty interesting because the original website was full of really interesting content that was totally buried into complex non-intuitive architecture.



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A 10-year-old therapy and training practice based in Singapore

Elephant is a solid clinic in Singapore that serves both individuals and professionals. They bring to Singapore incredible training for psychologists and counsellors, they offer all types of approaches for individuals. They also share valuable resources on their website such as books, podcasts, articles and more! Pay them an online visit!

Logo lifting and content architecture

Our first assignment was to lift the logo to give it a more professional and memorable look. Then we worked on a completely new content architecture for the website with 4 sections dedicated to the different target audiences. We decided to keep some sort of complexity in the content architecture but made sure the front end was extremely smooth and easy to navigate.

Content types and user-friendly backend

The backend is well organized with custom posts for the different content types and website sections. We designed unique templates for the different content types such as workshops, training, services, articles, landing pages etc. We really enjoyed working with the Elephant team as we could feel their team spirit.

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