Upskills revamp

An IT consulting firm for financial organizations and Capital Market industry. We completed the revamping of this website in 2019. This was a massive rebranding as their website was very old and had zero branding, the content architecture was super confusing and not engaging at all.



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We came up with a content architecture for the website and a structure for each page to help the client revamp their content. One of the key target of the website are potential candidates so we opted for a very modern and bold look and feel. We are pretty happy with the result!

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Oh dear, this was not an easy project!
We first designed this website back in 2012 and did a full revamp in 2018.
We revamped Aglaia’s website in 2017.
The objective of the revamp of this website was to turn their DIY website into a multilingual (5 languages!) SEO rocket!
We first revamped TriLake website in 2016 and we did it again in 2017!
We did a full revamp of this website in 2017.
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