An independent wealth management company based in Singapore and Switzerland Oh dear, this was not an easy project! This client came to us in 2018 to revamp their old website as it was looking very old fashion. They wanted a very modern look and feel while keeping their existing branding assets.



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The client did not like our first mockups. They did not know exactly why but they did not feel it was reflecting who they were. There were 3 decision-makers on the client’s side which made this process quite challenging.

The scope and schedule of the project have changed many times over the course of the project. We provided some extra flexibility, and patience and kept an open mind to survive this project. In the end, the amount of time spent on this project was way more than originally planned and budgeted for, but we worked until the end and managed to deliver this website in 3 languages!

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They came to us to work on the development of the website and work on the technical SEO.
We first designed this website back in 2012 and did a full revamp in 2018.
We revamped Aglaia’s website in 2017.
The objective of the revamp of this website was to turn their DIY website into a multilingual (5 languages!) SEO rocket!
We first revamped TriLake website in 2016 and we did it again in 2017!
We did a full revamp of this website in 2017.
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