Association of Independent Wealth Managers in Singapore rebrand

AIAM (Association of Independent Asset Managers in Singapore) became AIWM (Association of Independent Wealth Managers in Singapore) in 2020. This new name was the perfect occasion for a revamp! Having worked with the association for 5 years, we knew exactly what they needed to improve their website, this was a great opportunity to implement all changes that had come to our mind over the past years.



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First, we lifted the logo to make it easier to read. We also darken the blue to give the association a serious and authoritative feel it deserves. Then we focused the revamp of the website on the member area to provide members with an easy-to-use interface showing them all available resources in one glimpse. We also set up several forms to facilitate the member’s contributions. Last but not least we designed a new onboarding process for new joiners so that they could better understand and enjoy all benefits provided by the association.

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Oh dear, this was not an easy project!
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